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Knowledge Base

  1. Processes and Procedures 

    1. Posting Procedures for Perimeter's TVs
    2. Budget Card for Discounted Parking at Atlanta Campus
    3. Visitor Parking Permits
    4. Dialing Between GA State Campuses
    5. Rooms, Space and Set-up Requests at Perimeter
  2. Faculty & Staff Resources 

    1. Online Directories and How to Update
    2. Training Resources for Employees
  3. Academics 

    1. Perimeter College Dental Hygiene - General Info
    2. When do classes begin? Where is the Academic Calendar?
    3. Is Georgia Perimeter a 4-year school now?
    4. What is a Pathway? What Pathways do you have? Where can I find course descriptions?
    5. Where do I find information about the Radiologist Tech program?
  4. Student Services 

    1. The Online Learning and Tutoring Center
    2. Parking Permits/ID Cards - Students
    3. Uploading Documents for Admissions
    4. What is Georgia State's FAFSA Code?
    5. Placement testing
  5. Who To Call 

    1. PantherAnswer - For answers about enrollment, registration, student records, financial aid or student accounts.
    2. Enrollment & Registration Services Call Center
    3. Student Financial Services Call Center
    4. Does Perimeter offer a GED program?
    5. I would like to visit and tour a Perimeter campus.
  6. Organizational Structure 

    1. Georgia State University Organizational Chart
    2. Perimeter College Campus Maps
  7. All articles 

    1. Georgia State University Organizational Chart
    2. The Online Learning and Tutoring Center
    3. University Senate
    4. Posting Procedures for Perimeter's TVs
    5. Parking Permits/ID Cards – Faculty/Staff
    106 articles 

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