The Online Learning and Tutoring Center

The Online Learning and Tutoring Center (OLTC) is an extension of the Learning and Tutoring Center that provides an online option for tutoring. Students may access these tutoring services through email or through live tutoring sessions on Skype or WebEx. In the live sessions, students are able to communicate with the tutor in real time and utilize an online blackboard to aid in the session. Students may submit a request to hold a live session with a tutor. Additionally, several scheduled live review sessions are held for certain subjects and can be found on the OLTC website schedule.

In the email service, the student emails in an inquiry and the OLTC responds via email. The OLTC aims to respond to any email inquiries within 24 business hours. The tutoring itself follows the same guidelines and covers the same materials as the on-campus LTC.

The link for online tutoring is:

If you have any questions you can contact Theo Tate the Online Supervisor at

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