Posting Procedures for Perimeter's TVs

Need to publicize something on Perimeter College’s internal TV system (formerly known as GPC-TV)?  Be aware that procedures have changed.

The internal TV system, which is now part of Georgia State University’s VISIX TV system, displays slides about upcoming events, opportunities and reminders that are of interest to students.

Here’s how to request a slide:

  • If you work for a centralized Georgia State department, such as Student Affairs, Enrollment Services or Athletics, your department has a communications support team to guide you, and you should work through those contacts.
  • If you work for a Perimeter College department that ultimately reports to the Dean of Perimeter College, the production and management of the TV slides falls under Perimeter’s Office of Public Relations and Marketing Communications (PR-MarCom), managed by Kathy Jordan.

There are two options for Perimeter College slides:

If your project is a major Perimeter College event and you are working with Kathy Jordan and the Graphic Design office on other items associated with the event, please ask Kathy about developing a slide at the same time.

If the event is not a major college event, but instead a club meeting or department event, you can create a PowerPoint slide using templates the college provides or create your own design. Use the following steps:

1.  Plan ahead so you can send your slide for review at least two weeks before the date of the event.**

2.  Develop your content and TV slide, preferably with artwork or photographs:

  • Layout: Select a TV slide template from the options provided by PR- MarCom or create your own PowerPoint slide.
  • Text: University guidelines include a maximum of 40 words per sllde. Keep the text short and concise.  If using MarCom-provided templates, avoid making text smaller on the template. (Text should be a minimum of 35-60-point font size.) If your message doesn’t fit the template, use fewer words or select the most important points. Make sure your text includes a call to action, name of the event, why someone should attend, the date and time of the event, the location and contact information.
  • Orientation: Use landscape orientation (horizontal)
  • Size and format: The size should be 1920 x 1080 pixels at 72 dpi. When your slide is ready, save it as a jpeg at this size.

3.  Email the slide in PowerPoint and jpg as an attachment to Kathy Jordan (, including the following information in the body of the email:

  • Event title
  • Date of event
  • Preferred dates to start and stop running the slide.
  • On which campus(es) the TV slide should display (e.g. Newton only or all Perimeter campuses)
  • A contact name, number and email for the event and in case of questions about the TV slide.

4.  Receipt of request: Kathy will acknowledge receiving your request and follow up with any necessary edits or questions.

5.  Approval and uploading: Once the slide has final approval from PR-MarCom and you, it will be uploaded to the Perimeter College Visix TV system.  Slides will be run for a maximum of 30 days.  If longer is desired, we suggest a slide redesign to keep your message fresh and increase the effectiveness of the slide. 

** Slide artwork files submitted less than two (2) weeks prior to the event MAY NOT be uploaded to the Perimeter College Visix TV system. **

Questions? Please contact Kathy Jordan at or 678-891-2687.  

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