Parking Permits/ID Cards – Faculty/Staff

Faculty and Staff may stop by the campus PantherCard (campus ID) offices to obtain their Parking Permits (hang tags) and GSU ID Cards.  

There are five Perimeter College PantherCard office locations:

Room 2320, 678-240-6244
Call for Hours

Clarkston: 678-891-3330
CS Lobby, 678-891-3347
Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 5:15PM

SA2611, 678-891-2420
Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 5:15PM

Bldg. NB, Room 1500, 770-274-5480
Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 5:15PM

Bldg. 1N, Room 1200, 770-278-1413
Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 5:15PM

Budget Card for Discounted Parking at Atlanta Campus

Students, faculty and staff who have registered their vehicles in the Georgia State University Parking system pay an entry fee of $5.00 for parking at available, on campus decks and lots.

The Budget Card permit is a pre-paid parking option that provides discounted parking at the rate of $3.50 per entry before 4:00 p.m., and reduced further to $2.50 per entry after 4:00 p.m.

Budget Cards may be obtained from the customer service area located on the second floor of the University Bookstore Building at 66 Courtland Street SE, Atlanta, GA during posted business hours, Monday through Friday. 

Bookstore Contact: Phone: (404) 413-9700 and Email:


Visitor Parking Permits 

Parking & Transportation Services are now issuing visitor permits. Over the coming months they will be adding to and modifying this process to make parking for visitors as easy and painless as possible. Please access the visitor parking request form at this link 

Click link below for information on citations and appeals:

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