Uploading Documents for Admissions

Perimeter College Students can upload admissions documents at  Uploading Documents

 The documents you can upload are:

  • Change of Major Forms
  • Change of Personal Information Forms
  • Change of Status Forms
  • DD214 (Military Students)
  • Dual Enrollment Parental Consent Forms
  • Georgia Driver’s License/ID Card
  • Immunization Documents
  • Legal Name Change Documents
  • Prime Timer/Try College Forms
  • Copies of Social Security Cards
  • Transient Letters
  • Copies of Current U.S. Passports

It is not possible to upload high school or college transcripts, official test scores, or copies of official birth certificates. We will only accept the documents specified in the drop down box.

Immunizations are received and processed by the Student Health Center.  Students can be admitted without immunizations, but must submit the proper documentation by the beginning of their second term.

Admissions Documents Due Dates:

Perimeter College processes admission documents and renders admission decisions on a rolling basis. A student’s application is valid for a total of three terms of entry, including the term marked initially on the application and the following two terms of entry. Students who wish to be considered for a term of entry within this time frame must complete a reactivation application and any required credentials by the document due date for the desired term of entry.

  • Fall Semester (starts in August) — Due by August 1
  • Spring Semester (starts in January) — Due by December 1
  • Summer Semester (starts in late May) — Due by May 1

Questions about Admissions?  Go to Contact Admissions

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