Perimeter College New Student Orientation

Everything you need to know about New Student Orientation and upcoming dates may be found at

Students who are orientation ready are eligible to register for New Student Orientation. This means the student has received official acceptance to Georgia State University, completed immunization and other university requirements and attended to any financial obligations. Students who are not officially accepted to Georgia State University will not be eligible to register for New Student Orientation. Students may view their admission status to determine if they are ready for orientation.

In order to begin New Student Orientation, students need to be fully admitted and have set up their CampusID and Georgia State email address. All new students must complete New Student Orientation in person or online.

- Orientation only consists of one part.

- Freshman are required to complete on campus orientation which will conclude with advisement and registration.

- Students taking only online courses as well as all other new students including online, transfer, transient and former students are required to complete the online New Student Orientation module.

Please Note: Move On When Ready students should not complete this orientation. Please contact the campus coordinator for the appropriate orientation.

Students who have questions about New Student Orientation should see Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact the technology service desk by phone at 404-413-4357 or by email during business hours with any technical difficulties. For students who have just been admitted, the user ID for the orientation system may not be ready, since it can take several hours for it to be created.

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