What is the minimum SAT test scores required for Perimeter Freshman (Regular/traditional) applicants?

The admissions requirements for Perimeter College may be found at http://perimeter.gsu.edu/admissions/apply/freshman and testing answers may be found at http://counselingcenter.gsu.edu/pc/testing-services

Have other admissions questions?  You can contact the Admissions and Undergraduate Recruitment Call Center at 404-413-2600 for Admissions-related questions and recruitment.

Email: admissions@gsu.edu

Website: perimeter.gsu.edu

Perimeter College processes admission documents and renders admission decisions on a rolling basis. A student’s application is valid for a total of three terms of entry, including the term marked initially on the application and the following two terms of entry. Students who wish to be considered for a term of entry within this time frame must complete a reactivation application and any required credentials by the document due date for the desired term of entry.

Admissions Document Due Dates are:

  • Fall Semester (starts in August) — Due by August 1
  • Spring Semester (starts in January) — Due by December 1
  • Summer Semester (starts in late May) — Due by May 1


Many answers to student questions may be found at PantherAnswers

Panther Answer offers a searchable knowledge base for questions regarding enrollment, registration, student records, financial aid and student accounts.  

Fully admitted, active students can request additional support by submitting a ticket, calling or visiting in person to a campus Enrollment Services Center that will be routed to the appropriate department.  

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