What happens after I apply? What are the next steps? How do I check my admission status?

Once you have submitted a Perimeter College application, an official letter including your Perimeter College identification number (Panther ID#) will be mailed to you.  This ID number is required for you to view the  Applicant Status Check page and sign up for text alerts.  If you are unsure of your Perimeter College ID, you can retrieve it by visiting Applicant Status Check at undergradapply.gsu.edu/apply/status  and selecting What is my Panther ID #?

Perimeter College will review your record to make an admission decision after all required documents have been submitted, evaluated and posted to your record.  Please allow a minimum of 5-7 business days for each document to be scanned and evaluated before it can be posted to your record.

Your Applicant Status Check is the quickest way to view your admission checklist and real-time admission processing updates, including an admission decision.

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