Course Transfer - Equivalency Charts

Equivalency Charts**

This tool allows you to see how courses transfer to Georgia State University. Please be aware that this list reflects courses that have previously been reviewed for transfer credit. As students transfer in from new colleges or bring in new credit, the equivalency tables will be updated. Some credit may show up with a 1099, 2099, 3099, or 4099 number. If you receive credit with this number, this means we did not have an exact course to transfer your course to, however, we did give you credit for the transfer course. (For example: BIOL 2099 or HIST 1099) These courses could possibly be used to meet core requirements or major requirements. If you have questions about your transfer credit, please contact your academic advisor.

Click here to view Transfer Equivalency Charts that display previously established equivalent courses from Georgia State University’s transfer catalogs.

** DISCLAIMER: This information is for reference only. Equivalents are subject to change upon official evaluation by Georgia State University. The inclusion or exclusion of courses on this list does not guarantee or automatically preclude the acceptability of courses. Please consult the catalog for additional information.

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