How do I audit a class?

Auditing A Class

Enrolled students who wish to audit a course must get approval from the Academic Department offering the course. Any tuition and fees for auditing a class are assessed just as they are for courses taken for credit. Any requirements for prerequisites must be satisfied before registering to audit a course. No academic credit is earned in this status. Audit status is not covered by financial aid or most scholarship programs that cover tuition charges, and audit hours do not apply toward full-time enrollment. Student may not transfer from audit to credit status or vice-versa after the last day to register for courses.

Georgia State Faculty/Staff Course Audit: Full-time faculty and staff may audit courses without paying usual tuition and fees. This benefit is contingent upon approval by the course instructor. Faculty and staff who audit courses are not admitted to the University as degree-seeking students. Faculty and staff who wish to receive credit for coursework should consult information regarding the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).Policies governing Faculty and staff course audits are stated in section 603 of the Employee Handbook. Faculty & staff who wish to audit courses should complete the Faculty/Staff Course Audit form and keep it for their records.

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