How do I pay for tuition and fees? Is there a payment plan?

Below are some payment options, including the "Georgia State Payment Plan" from webpage

How to Pay

You must have one of these payment arrangements in place by the payment due date or your class registration may be canceled. If you are unable to attend, it is up to you to drop your courses. The only way to get a 100% credit of your tuition and mandatory fee charges is to drop your courses by the add/drop deadline. If you remain registered past the add/drop deadline, you are no longer eligible for a 100% credit of tuition and mandatory fees. See the withdrawal refund schedule for details about pro-rated credits of tuition and mandatory fees when you withdraw completely from the semester. 

Payment by Check, Wire, Credit/Debit Card, or Cash

Paying your student account balance online via PantherPay is the FASTEST payment method!

  • Online using PantherPay via PAWS: electronic check or credit/debit card payments are accepted. Georgia State accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit/debit cards for student account payments. There is a 2.85% (or $3.00 minimum) convenience fee for paying with a credit/debit card. There is no fee for paying with an electronic check.
  • International Wire Transfers must be sent through Flywire. Log into PAWS and select the “International Wire Payment” button in the “My Bill” section.
  • By mail. Send checks and money orders payable to Georgia State University to PO Box 5099, Atlanta, GA, 30302. Be sure to include your Panther ID on the payment.
  • In-person at the Revenue, Receivables & Cashiering office with cash, check or money order. Card payments are not accepted (credit or debit).  For Revenue, Receivables, & Cashiering office locations, hours and telephone numbers, click here.

Returned Check Payments: A $35 returned payment fee will be posted as a charge to your student account whether paid by you or a third party.

Returned Card Payments: A service fee and additional processing fees will be posted as a charge to your student account whether paid by you or a third party.


Financial Aid

You may be eligible for financial assistance (loans, scholarships, grants) to help with your college expenses. Review the financial aid process for information about applying. Be sure to complete all your outstanding requirements by the payment due date, or be prepared to use another method to pay your balance. Any amount not covered by your financial aid award must be paid by the deadline using another approved method.

Sponsored Billing

Some employers and agencies assist students with their educational costs. To have your bill paid by a third party, formal billing arrangements must be set up and approved by Student Accounts before the term begins.

Georgia State Payment Plan

The Georgia State Payment Plan allows a student to defer payment for up to 50% of the current term’s tuition and  mandatory fees OR 50% of their account balance, whichever is less. For more details visit the payment plan page.

Chapter 33 Veterans Benefits

Some Veterans may be eligible for assistance with their educational expenses. You will need to apply to the Veterans Administration and have your schedule certified by our Veterans Services office. Tuition assistance programs such as Go Army are handled through sponsored billing.

AmeriCorps Vouchers

AmeriCorps is a program that provides tuition vouchers for volunteers in service to America. To use your AmeriCorps vouchers, you must first request funds via the AmeriCorps website.

More questions about Payments or Financial Aid? Contact:

Student Financial Services Call Center: 404-413-2600

Student Financial Services (SFS) includes the functions of financial aid offices and student accounts.

  • The SFS Call Center is open 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Financial Aid Services on campus are open M-F, 8:30a-5:15p
  1. Students can use Panther Answer to look for answers to their financial services questions. If answer not found, fully admitted, active students may send an online inquiry to financial aid.

Perimeter Financial Services website:

Georgia State’s Financial Services website:

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