Is the Dental Hygiene program available online?

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Below is detailed information about the Dental Hygiene program.  The typical pathway requires 77 semester hours — 37 hours in core curriculum and 40 hours for the professional part of the dental hygiene program. The professional part of the program requires five consecutive semesters. Additional semesters are required to complete the general education coursework.

Many of the core curriculum courses are available on campus and online.  However, the professional part of the dental hygiene program only is offered on campus at our Dunwoody campus.

The career program of Dental Hygiene at Georgia State University Perimeter College provides an intensive program of specialized study and general education. It has delivered a highly successful record in training students to become licensed dental hygienists.

At Perimeter College. the Dental Hygiene community of students come from a wide range of cultures and languages. This diversity is among our greatest attributes.

Prevention and treatment of oral disease are recognized as important factors in a patient’s overall health and well being. A dental hygienist is a licensed member of a dental health team, providing educational, clinical and therapeutic services to patients. Care provided by the dental hygienist includes collection and assessment of data, planning and implementation of care and evaluation of the results of treatment.

Whether you’re starting a career or looking for a change, the dental hygiene profession can provide opportunities, including a flexible work schedule, the rewards of keeping people healthy, an attractive income potential, the ability to work in a variety of professional settings, the option of working nationwide and career stability.

Overview of Dental Hygiene (DH)

In order to apply to GSU/PC Dental Hygiene, a student needs to:

  • be currently enrolled at GSU/PC
  • have completed CHEM1151 (Survey of Chemistry)*
  • have completed BIOL2110 & BIOL2120* (Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 with the corresponding labs)
  • have completed 20 hours of shadowing experience with a dental hygienist. (The form for shadowing experience is on the DH website.)

 All the above requirements must be met before submitting an application to the Dental Hygiene

 *Science courses must be no older than 7 years to be admissible. All the other general education courses do not have an expiration date.


General Information about Dental Hygiene

There are 77 credits total to be completed to earn an associate degree in dental hygiene:   37 credits of general education coursework and 40 credits of technical courses. All of the general education courses do not have to be completed before applying to the pathway.   The technical part of the pathway requires five semesters. Additional semesters are required to complete the general education coursework.

Please note: The professional part of the pathway is offered only during the day

  • The pathway accepts 32 students each year
  • Competition for entering the pathway is intense.
  • Because of the volume of applications, the Dental Hygiene department does not give tours of the facilities in the department. 

For More Information

        Please review the DH website for all the requirements of dental hygiene.

        After you have read the Dental Hygiene website, if you have any additional questions regarding the admission process to dental hygiene , please contact the Dental Hygiene department at the numbers before.   They will be happy to answer by phone or email any questions you may have regarding admissions to Dental Hygiene.

 Iris Leo, Administrative Assistant Department of Dental Hygiene

Georgia State University’s Perimeter College

Phone:  770-274-5132 and eMAIL:

Ms. Fran Mohr
Customer Experience & Change Management
Perimeter College at Georgia State University

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