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  1. Budget Card for Discounted Parking at Atlanta Campus

  2. Can GSU 62 students earn an Associate from Perimeter and transfer to the Atlanta campus for a Bachelor's?

  3. Citizenship Verification and Lawful Presence

  4. Course Transfer - Equivalency Charts

  5. Dialing Between GA State Campuses

  6. Do you have a career center?

  7. Do you have cheerleaders? Do you have cheer scholarships?

  8. Do you have classes for senior citizens?

  9. Do you have health services for students? Do you provide physicals?

  10. Do you have programs for seniors?

  11. Do you have services for military students?

  12. Does Perimeter offer a GED program?

  13. Emergency Alerts - Panther Alerts

  14. Employment verification

  15. Enrollment & Registration Services Call Center

  16. Enrollment Verification document for students

  17. Financial Services during Covid19

  18. Ga State Accounts, Passwords and CampusID

  19. Georgia State University Organizational Chart

  20. Gym Membership for Alpharetta Students

  21. Health Sciences at Perimeter College

  22. How can I get a copy of my diploma?

  23. How do I apply for financial aid?

  24. How do I audit a class?

  25. How do I become a dual enrollment student?

  26. How do I contact the campus bookstores?

  27. How do I get my campus ID username and password?

  28. How do I get my refund? What is PantherCard Money Network?

  29. How do I look up classes online?

  30. How do I order a Transcript?

  31. How do I pay for tuition and fees? Is there a payment plan?

  32. How do I register for classes?

  33. How do I request transcripts from GA Perimeter?

  34. How do I submit immunizations?

  35. How do I submit my TEAS scores for the Assoc. of Nursing pathway?

  36. How do I transfer from Perimeter College to Georgia State's Atlanta campus?

  37. How long is my application valid?

  38. How much are tuition and fees?

  39. How much is the application fee?

  40. How to contact Admissions during CoVid 19

  41. How to contact advising office during CoVid 19

  42. I am interested in American Sign Language.

  43. I am interested in leaning more about the ASN/RN nursing degree.

  44. I can't sign into PAWS, my email, or any technology.

  45. I have questions about Perimeter College's Commencement.

  46. I want information about the LPN to RN bridge program.

  47. I want information about the REP - Regents Engineering Pathway.

  48. I want to go to school. How do I get started?

  49. I would like to visit and tour a Perimeter campus.

  50. I'm a transfer student. What do I need to do?

  51. Important Numbers & Resources

  52. In-State and Out-of-State Tuition

  53. Is Georgia Perimeter a 4-year school now?

  54. Is the Dental Hygiene program available online?

  55. I’m interested in the associates in nursing program

  56. Locate and activate your Campus ID, eMAIL and Password

  57. Maintenance & Custodial Needs and Set-up Requests

  58. May Georgia State University Atlanta Campus students take Perimeter College online courses?

  59. Music Pathway A.S

  60. Name Usage: GSU vs Georgia State University & PC vs Perimeter College

  61. Online Directories and How to Update

  62. PantherAnswer - For answers about enrollment, registration, student records, financial aid or student accounts.

  63. Parking Permits/ID Cards - Students

  64. Parking Permits/ID Cards – Faculty/Staff

  65. Perimeter College Campus Maps

  66. Perimeter College Dental Hygiene - General Info

  67. Perimeter College New Student Orientation

  68. Personal Counseling for Students

  69. Placement testing

  70. Posting Procedures for Perimeter's TVs

  71. Reactivation. I was accepted to Ga. State, but want to attend Peri...

  72. Rooms, Space and Set-up Requests at Perimeter

  73. Student categories and admissions

  74. Student Financial Services Call Center

  75. The Online Learning and Tutoring Center

  76. Training Resources for Employees

  77. University Senate

  78. Uploading Documents for Admissions

  79. Visitor Parking Permits

  80. WebEx Meetings 101 and success tips

  81. What are the deadlines for admissions? What are the application deadlines?

  82. What are the hours of the library?

  83. What are the mandatory student fees?

  84. What are tuition costs for online-only courses?

  85. What classes do I need to take?

  86. What English Proficiency Tests do I need for admissions?

  87. What happens after I apply? What are the next steps? How do I check my admission status?

  88. What is a Pathway? What Pathways do you have? Where can I find course descriptions?

  89. What is Georgia State's FAFSA Code?

  90. What is my student type or category?

  91. What is the minimum SAT test scores required for Perimeter Freshman (Regular/traditional) applicants?

  92. What is the Repeat to Replace Policy?

  93. What is the Tuition for Perimeter College and Ga State University?

  94. What languages do you teach?

  95. What scholarships are available?

  96. When are tuition invoices sent to the VA-Veterans Association?

  97. When do classes begin? Where is the Academic Calendar?

  98. Where and what is the Student Account Portal? PAWS

  99. Where do I find and submit an academic renewal form?

  100. Where do I find information about the Radiologist Tech program?

  101. Where do I send transcripts and upload other admissions documents?

  102. Where is the Events Calendar?

  103. Where may I obtain or renew my US Passport?

  104. Whick degrees can I complete fully or partially online?

  105. Who can help me with my military benefits?

  106. Who is my academic advisor? How do I find my advisor?

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